Alice Colvin-Cousley


Alice Colvin-Cousley (accillustrated) is an ambitious multidisciplinary Illustrator. She recently graduated with a First in Illustration (BA Hons) from Leeds Arts University.


Inspired by the visual philosophy of the Bauhaus and de Stijl, her work is always clammering to make sense of itself with limited forms, shapes and colour palettes. This penchant for order lends itself naturally to Graphic Design, but also other disciplines.


A versatile maker, she brings her curiosity to any process she graces and often comes out on top. This willingness to challenge herself has given her a wide skillset that she's always eager to combine and add to.

Currently, Alice works producing strategy and content for Sinclairs social media channels: @artgeckosketch, @silvine_uk and @silvineoriginal.


She also runs and markets her own business selling earrings and ceramics, which can be found on Etsy in her shop "accmakes".

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